Pandemic Safety

Bring your employees back to work, safely. Implement social distancing and contact tracing.

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    Social distancing

    Track daily circulation, keep employees safe and apart with alerts to minimize contact based on a “safe distance” defined by the business.


    Trigger alerts to prevent close proximity of multiple employees for durations longer than the business allows.


    View all interactions between any employee — who has tested positive for COVID-19 — and other individuals for the past 14 days or more, in compliance with privacy rules.

    Contact tracing

    If an employee tests positive or shows symptoms, quickly report on past interactions between employees for the past 14 days or more in compliance with privacy rules.


    Receive continuous, highly-granular location data, transmitted at long range with the most precise location accuracy available in the market


    Provides instant alerts for social distancing breaches and disperse congregations


    Provide effortless personal safety for employees and remove any additional stress and anxiety that may result from returning to workplace


    Enforces business and public safety requirements to prevent viral spreading


    Improve regulatory compliance and safety by controlling social distancing and support health & public safety officials while keeping the work environment safe

    How Pandemic Safety System Works?

    Litum integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS technology into rechargeable, panic button-equipped badges distributed to all personnel. These badges, in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network,  create an invisible “indoor tracking system” that tracks every employee and visitor with the highest accuracy available.

    Litum’s indoor locating technology ensures accurate information is captured and fed back to the RTLS software where real-time actions are managed.

    You’ll be able to help prevent close contact between employees as well as disperse any gatherings as they happen, and send automatic alerts in case of violations. Our tracking system also provides the ability to see exactly where the violation occurred and send alerts to the appropriate staff members and security. Tailor-made reports and big data analytics are generated to support informed decision-making.

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