RTLS for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Location intelligence solutions to improve occupational safety and optimize asset and workforce utilization

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    How Litum RTLS solutions Improve Safety?

    Utilize data-driven, real-time risk management to reduce accidents and minimize injuries, to provide peace of mind for both employees and managers. The result is improved overall productivity and reduced claims.


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    Learn how to transform your business and achieve sustainability and continuity with Litum RTLS solutions

    Prevent accidents and injuries. Reduce costs associated with time away from work and claims. Provide a safe working environment for your employees.

    Comply with safety regulations, store and report data in line with legal requirements

    Provide a safe working environment for your employees

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    Litum has transformed the way Ferrero conducts its evacuation exercises and any real-life events in case of an emergency with Litum indoor location tracking RTLS technology.

    RTLS Solutions for Safety

    Effectively enforce safety rules everywhere with instant violation alerts

    Get accurate headcounts, fast in case of emergencies

    Help contain the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19

    Collision warning system that automatically adjusts forklift speed so that vehicles slow down and stop without driver intervention.

    How Litum RTLS Solutions Improve Efficiency?

    Make the most of your assets and workforce while improving decision making with location intelligence, detailed reports and analytics.  

    Litum RTLS solutions are optimized for demanding industrial environments and are flexible to fit your business requirements.

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    Simeco/TEKA has streamlined workflows and reduced human error for its kitchen appliances line by Litum’s custom process tracking system, powered by RFID technology.

    Improve and optimize workflows with accurate, real-time data

    Improve employee productivity with AI integrated smart systems

    Minimize loss and shrinkage with real-time asset tracking

    Reduce operating costs by integrating location tracking technology into your production

    Let’s talk about how you can improve efficiency and safety at your facility.

    RTLS Solutions for Efficiency

    Eliminate retrieval time, reduce lost, stolen and misplaced assets

    Improve value-added activities and workflows, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce operational costs.

    Reduce maintenance procedures and optimize maintenance flow.

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