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    Save Time and Decrease Expenses Associated with Tracking Patients

    With a constant flow of patients, staff, and visitors, it is not easy to find specific people when needed. Extra man-hours and resources are often devoted just to tracking down patients. Not to mention, the extra time spent on manual monitoring of patients’ health status.

    With our easy to implement and use RTLS patient safety system in place, staff receive immediate alerts when patients are in distress, have left a designated area, or even when they push the emergency call button on their RFID tags. 

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    There is much more to the RTLS patient tracking system. It allows you to:

    • Automatically give patients access to sealed wards
    • Notify staff when patients are available for scheduled tests and appointments
    • Track patients as they head from their room to surgery
    • Receive automated alerts when patients are in distress or need help
    • Analyze the movement of patients through historical reports
    • Record patient interactions and medical treatment provided
    • Quickly identify open beds for incoming patients

    Extra Help with Tracking Patient Movements

    When the RTLS patient flow software is properly installed and running, it tracks the location of and movement of each patient by their RFID tag.

    The system records exactly when a patient leaves the room and returns, where they head to within the hospital, such as radiology or the intensive care unit, and will track when these patients get doctor’s visits.

    Our system can also be set up to alert staff when a patient is in their room and available for scheduled tests and diagnostics

    Automated Alerts for Emergencies

    Our RFID wrist tags have sensors that allow them to monitor for patient movement, such as sudden falls, too much movement, and lack of movement for prolonged periods of time. When any unwanted events are detected, the system will send an alert to staff. Our alerts are set up to display on tablets and computers containing the software’s user interface so multiple staff members receive the message.


    Provide safety of your patients with highly accurate and continuous tracking. Leverage motion sensor data to identify and alarm when a tag is not in the proper use


    Real-time monitoring of arrival and departure times within the hospital and care units


    Accurate and detailed time reporting by each hospital and care area. Data-driven traceability and decision making


    All personal privacy rules and regulations are considered and respected

    Hospital staff wearing a tag

    How Patient Flow and Safety Sytem Works?

    The RTLS patient flow software tracks the location and movement of each patient by their RFID tag. This system shows when a patient leaves and returns to his her room or the designated area for them.

    In addition to alerting the staff for these movements, the system can alert staff for scheduled tests of each patient with a tag.

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